Helpful Resources for African EdTech founders

Kenza Bouhaj
2 min readJul 22, 2021

A brief list of resources to help African founders and startups build and grow their ventures in the EdTech space.

🚀 Incubators & Organizations that support EdTech companies 🚀

👩🏻‍💻 Incubation


🔥Get out there and Pitch! Below are opportunities for you practice your pitching, participate in competitions and win grants 🔥

  • Apply to the Global EdTech Startup Awards (Applications close on August 31)
  • Sign up for the weekly EdPitches (beware that this is in US Pacific time)
  • Keep an eye out for the GSV Cup Competition. Applications for this year are closed. You should definitely apply next year for a chance to win some $$$ and global support
  • List of award competitions focused on education and EdTech

📚Other helpful resources

  • Attend the ASU+GSV Summit on August 9–11(you can attend virtually this year)
  • Kat Pattillo’s 12-step to fundraise for education venture in Africa, here
  • Stay on top of HolonIQ, especially the yearly competition to identify the top EdTech companies by region. Here’s an example for MENA
  • If you don’t already have a pitch deck, use this website to make one
  • Do not be afraid to use LinkedIn to cold email people at organizations you might be interested in

Did I miss anything that might be helpful? Please comment below! 🙏🏼



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