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  • James Musey

    James Musey

  • Andres Soto

    Andres Soto

    Got a job thanks to Gauss. Love solving tough problems. Long term interest in Machine Learning, Political Philosophy, Russian literature and Economics.

  • TriCycleBi


  • Marcha Nurliana Kartakusuma

    Marcha Nurliana Kartakusuma

  • Joanna Liu

    Joanna Liu

    Games for learning researcher and developer, forever DM for her friends, currently building Cartographr, an augmented reality (AR) world builder.

  • Luis Manrique

    Luis Manrique

  • Finley Mills

    Finley Mills

  • Cheikh Badiane

    Cheikh Badiane

    Data Analyst with 4 years of experience collecting and analysing every kind of data for high-earning companies. Dynamic data and web analyst, organizational, an

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